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A1 Sitemap Generator is a program specifically designed for webmasters and web designers that will allow them to generate a map of the website automatically.

A1 Sitemap Generator can create the whole sitemap in different formats - HTML, XML or RSS- offering you the possibility of adding a new and useful feature to your website. A sitemap is good for both the users and the bots that scan your website to include the content in search engines.

The program includes a lite search engine that will make easier to create the map and locate the necessary files to create and maintain it. Finally, A1 Sitemap Generator integrates a small FTP client so you can upload the sitemap from within the same interface.

If you want the program translated into a language different from English, you can download the Language pack Here

O.S: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.


31 days trial version

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